Hope Lyfts

Hope Lyfts
by Debbie Neisler
Dave Neisler was driving for Lyft when he picked up one of his regular riders, Danielle, at the CWLP office. Once she reached the car she burst into tears. Dave felt a nudge to ask if she was alright. Danielle told him she was there because her water was shut off. She had a pipe leak and it took the landlord a few weeks to fix, resulting in a large bill.
As Dave sat and listened to Danielle's story, he made the suggestion that Danielle call Hope Church and speak to Beth. Dave followed up with Beth to find that she was actively working to help Danielle’s family. Much to his surprise, he learned that Danielle had 9 kids in the home, including a grandbaby. That evening he found himself sitting at his daughter's gymnastics lesson. He called his wife and explained he wanted to put a request on Facebook, to see if he could raise money to help Danielle's family.
He made the Facebook post and by the time he went to bed donations were at $620.00! Dave followed up with Steve, a member of his Rooted group.  Dave was shown God’s promise that day. When Dave met with him for his donation, Steve said, “I only have $80.00, I hope that’s ok.” That was the EXACT amount needed!
He went to CWLP and explained to the clerk that he wanted to pay what he had collected on the bill and get the water turned back on. Dave can still remember the cashier’s shock at learning he was her Lyft driver.
After her reconnect fee was paid Dave wanted to share the news with Danielle. He remembers “She looked at me and said, 'wait what?!'” A total moment of disbelief with “tears welling up in her eyes.” After learning about this incredible gift Danielle called the kids to share the news. “I remember the kids being excited and she was just so grateful about it.”
Hope Church volunteers put together clothes for the baby and money for the family. Dave brought Hope’s gifts to Danielle and her family. The card was addressed to “Danielle and Family”, so she called all of the kids, explaining money was sent to them as a family. She asked them, "Do you want me to put this towards the bill to get us caught up or do you want me to spend it on Christmas presents?"  Every single one of those kids, down to the 4 year old--looked at her and said, "Mom, just pay those bills that’s more important to us than getting presents."  It was eye opening to see the different world they live in and their priorities," said Dave.
Dave learned a kind man has bought their home and has been fixing it to create an incredible home for Danielle’s family.   “It's been awesome to be part of helping this family go from total devastation and not having running water in their home--to seeing them have a good Christmas  and a landlord that totally changed their living condition and is doing great things for them.”
We serve a mighty God, who calls on us in ways we may not understand at first.  Sometimes His persistence in pulling on our hearts causes us to listen.  The need may be far away, or right in our own community.

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