Hope in Turkana

Hope in Turkana 
by Bethany Payne

Water is life. You cannot have life without it.
In the arid region of Turkana, Kenya, water is scarce. When Hope Church partnered with Bright Hope International to build a well and drip irrigation system for the village of Turkana, it not only brought life to the people through access to clean water, it brought with it the opportunity to begin a farm. Fresh food is hard to come by in the isolated village, and it’s also quite expensive. This year tomato prices have tripled in the area. Without the chance to grow their own food the people of Turkana would be at the mercy of the price hikes. But because of the drip irrigation system, they have recently transplanted tomato plants into their fields to not only provide fresh and nutritious food for themselves and their families, but they will also have enough to sell at market and make a profit to sustain their families and community financially.
What a gift water is! In recent weeks the community has transplanted tomatoes, onions, spinach, kale, watermelon, and cow peas into their fields. They are also beginning to propagate additional tomato plants in the nursery for transplantation in late spring. They have plans to expand and plant fruit trees along the edges of the farm. The famers and helpers are working hard and learning together as the community comes together over the crops. To plant a seed is to have hope in the days to come. Because of the life giving water provided by the irrigation system, the people of Turkana have that hope.
Please continue to pray for the famers and the community as they work together and learn how to manage their farm. Pray for a mighty harvest of their crops this year as well as protection against locusts or any other hindrance they may face. Pray for their profits as they sell in the market and for their expansion efforts.  Interested in global missions like this one?  Hope's global mission team is planning trips and has a team here that prays and plans for our missionary visits.  To learn more, contact Hope Mission Pastor Beth Yokley at [email protected]

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