Women on a Mission

Women On Mission At Hope
By Beth Yokley

We are thankful for these women who have been blessing others during this pandemic.

Andrea Cantrall in the church and in the community
“A few weeks ago, my husband Marcus received a card from Andrea. It was a heart-felt note that thanked him for serving as a pastor’s husband—a note that made my day! I was so grateful for someone noticing the sacrifices my husband makes because I am in ministry,” says Pastor Beth. Andrea says, “at the beginning of the shelter in place, I was feeling uneasy about the isolation because I live alone. So I started to pray and think of ways I could take a rotten situation and make it positive. Mr B. has been a big influence on me. He talked about making a list of people I could cheer on, and ever since then, I keep trying to think of ways to make others feel better.” Pictured: Andrea serving at the Central IL Foodbank packing food boxes.

Heather Kern serving HopeKids and beyond
“It was her idea and she was the first volunteer to begin sending birthday notes out to all of our kids who were having birthdays,” says Pastor Curtis. “She also asked if there was something we could do to help those older members during this time. She was the reason we got a group of kids to make cards for our older shut ins.” Heather says “I wanted to brighten the days of others who may not be able to celebrate, and to encourage those who may be lonely. I wanted them to feel seen by me and Jesus.”

Lisa Miller & Carrie West serving HopeStudents
Lisa and Carrie are Hope Student small group leaders for 11/12 grade ladies. The pandemic has not stopped the love from flowing! Zoom meetings have continued and in the midst of prom season, they delivered goodie bags to our Seniors who are missing out on their Senior Prom. Lynn Schemmer, mom to two of the seniors says “Thank you so much for thinking of our kids tonight. Your sweet gesture was so thoughtful and brought smiles to their faces!”  

Amy Little serving with the Caring Fund
“If I were an applicant, I would hope Amy was on my case!” says Caring Fund Leader, Chablis Stetson. “One time an applicant was getting the run around from a doctor—Amy stepped in and advocated for her,” says Chablis. “Whatever problems I thought I had, I was quickly humbled by what so many others face", says Amy about serving with the Caring Fund. “To sit across the table from someone facing eviction, or not knowing how they are going to keep their heat on for their kids—crying with and praying with a person in those situations is soul-changing, and it’s changed ME. Our showing grace and mercy to people who may not have made the best decisions just feels like the same grace and mercy Jesus extends to us continually,” relates Amy.

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