Mentoring Gears Up with the Pandemic at the Outlet

Mentoring Gears Up With Pandemic At The Outlet
By Beth Yokley

So many things have been cancelled because of the pandemic. Cancel was the last thing the Outlet wanted to do. Serving young men without fathers in the home, the Outlet provides stability through mentoring, social-emotional training and weekly meals.

“We feel that, if anything, we should really put on the gas and we should go even harder now because these young guys, they’re at home,” Phelon said. “You know, some are not in the best situations. You know, some of the young men, being at school, being at The Outlet was their only kind of safe haven.”

The Outlet has continued with food support to families, and zoom meetings on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays for their mentees. They’ve had the chance to hear from a journalist, a senator, an engineer—they are continuing to expand their horizons from their own living rooms.

Learn more about The Outlet at Interested In Being a Mentor?  Contact our Missions Pastor, Beth Yokley at [email protected]

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