Adult Ministry Team

Brian Mills

Lead Pastor

I began working at Hope in 2014. I have a deep passion to see broken things restored and have wide experience serving that mission through 4 years of inner-city ministry, 12 years of ministry at a Christian University and 12 years in local church ministry. I enjoy my motorcycle and horseback riding, hiking, the outdoors, jazz music, hot sauce, blueberries, almonds, coffee and adventurous foreign food (not together). I love being husband to Chantell, and dad to Ryder (married and in ministry) and Rylee (recent College graduate). 

Dustin Bramer

Connections Pastor

I began working at Hope in 2015 as Hope’s first ever Sports Pastor and currently serve as our Connections Pastor. In addition to being a pastor, I’ve also been a paramedic for over 20 years spending several years as a helicopter medic with travel opportunities to Saudi Arabia and Africa. To say I have a busy household is an understatement as me and my wife, Tracy, have eight kids and three grandkids. (Kids: Dylan, Chloe, Dori, Fisher, Jamal, Calvin, Isaiah and Caroline. Grandkids: Carter, Cade and Lincoln. The busyness keeps me young!)  

Beth Yokley

Missions Pastor

I began working at Hope in 2004. Local and global missions are my passion, so I am living out my dream job! In my spare time, I love reading, walking my dogs, being super mom to daughter, Chloe, and eating delicious food cooked by my husband, Marcus.  

Sarah Zenk

Care Group Coordinator

I began working at Hope in 2018.  I am passionate about helping people find the support they need through groups and mentoring relationships.  I enjoy helping people discover their hidden gifts and talents, inspiring spiritual growth, and developing volunteers into leaders.  I am currently pursuing a master's degree in marriage and family counseling therapy.  In my spare time, I enjoy creative arts, music, reading books, cooking, and spending time with my family:  my husband, Michael, and our three kids, Natalie , Isaac, and Sam.

Worship and Arts Team

Jackson Price

Lead Pastor of Worship & Arts

I began working at Hope in 2013. I’ve been a worship pastor since 1998 and I have a degree in communication/music. Creating memories and experiences that help people connect to Christ is my life's mission. I’m married to my dream girl, Jessica Price, and have 3 kids: Emma, Caleb & Molly. I love God more than my life, my family more than anything, people more than music and Illinois more than the other states. There’s no place like Hope.  

Ray Tolley

Technical Coordinator

I began working at Hope in 2003. My position at Hope allows me to combine my passion for technology with my passion to serve others. I love people and enjoy interacting with volunteers, attendees, and others through our Hope community. One of my most fulfilling ministries has been mentoring young people interested in learning to serve God on Hope’s Tech Team. Outside the office I have more hobbies and interests then time allows; building and flying RC planes, boating, skiing, horseback riding, computer gaming, target shooting and spending time on my tractor doing dirt work. My wife, Susan and I have enjoy spending time with our daughter and her family.

Kristin Taylor

Calendar and Worship & Arts Coordinator

I began working at Hope in 2018. I’m passionate about creating environments where people encounter Christ through worship and love that my role is both Creative and Administrative, so both sides of my brain get a great work-out! I enjoy song-writing, reading, serving on the Hope Worship team, Zumba, spending time with family and friends, traveling, and being wife and mom to my wonderful husband and our two boys. 

Sarah Ginder

Communications Director

I began working at Hope in 2020. I’m passionate about creating and strategizing ways to bring people to Christ through captivating design and collaborating big picture ideas with my team. Outside of Hope, you may find me practicing yoga, traveling and spending time with family. I enjoy doing life with my husband, Luke, and our kiddos Addie, Odin, and Judah.

NextGen Team

Troy Easley

Lead Pastor of NextGen

I began working at Hope in 2016 and currently oversee our Birth-College aged ministries departments as well as manage our facilities and grounds team. Beyond the ultimate priority of my relationship with Christ, my life’s passions are spending time with my wife, Kiesha, and our two daughters, creating memories with my family and friends, and watching and playing sports. We are grateful and excited to be a part of Hope and all God is doing through our Church.

Garrett LeVault

Student Pastor

I began working at Hope in 2019. My passion in life is to connect Middle and High School students to a real faith that leads to Kingdom Work. I’m fueled by fun and enjoy making music, hiking and backpacking, playing disc golf, paintball, cheering for the Blues, trying out new hobbies, and spending time with my wife, Emily and our two daughters, Austen and Logan.  

Curtis Batchelder

Children's Pastor

I began working at Hope in 2019. I love being a Children’s Pastor and get excited every time I have the chance to tell kids about our great God.  I’m very competitive and will play any game or sport and love hanging out with my wife, Jen and our six kids: Katie, Elijah, Noah, Kaileb, Kendyl, and Kaiden.  

Savannah D'Aunoy 

Office and NextGen Coordinator

I began working at Hope in 2015. I love being able to help my team accomplish their mission of reaching the younger generations. Outside of the office, I love traveling, spending time with my family and giving my dog all the pets. 

Support Team

Carol McCaughey 

Business Manager

I began working at Hope in 2016. I enjoy being on mission by being a good steward, facilitating Rooted groups, and love seeing first-hand God’s provision and blessings. When not at work, I enjoy golfing, hiking, gardening, and loving on my grandkids with my husband, Tim.  

Jess Krongos

Receptionist / Administrative Assistant  / Media Specialist 

I began working at Hope in 2019 and love helping draw people closer to Christ. I volunteer on Hope’s Creative Design Team and enjoy serving alongside my husband, Kevin, on the praise team. I love singing, playing guitar, song-writing, being outdoors, watching football and spending quality time with my family.